* Lake Ridge Pools has taken care off all our pools and spas for over 3 years, they do a great job for us . I  would recomend them to anyone on PK .      Mary Ann Howell - THE HARBOR
* Lake Ridge Pools replaced the original plaster on the pool at the Landing Condominiums in April 2011.  Gary delivered a quality work product on time and as promised.  We are very pleased with the custom plaster.  Gary and his work crew were a pleasure to work with.
On a weekly basis Lake Ridge Pools maintains the pool chemistry and coaches the Landing's caretaker on caring for the pool daily.  We are very pleased with the service provided.
    Bill Cook - Board President of Landing Owners Association
*Gary, thank you for taking care of the Wildcatter Ranch Pools.  I appreciate your service and expert advice.   Don Bates- THE WILDCATTER
*Four years ago my family decided to install a pool at our home.  Not ever having had a pool before, I spent the next two years struggling with chemicals and cleaning the pool.  Two years ago someone suggested that I talk to the guys at Lake Ridge Pools. Now I spend my time enjoying it.    Hiring Gary and Lake Ridge Pools has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.  Jack Graham